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Invalid setting in Excel key of the Engines section of the Windows Registry. (3433)


A Desktop Intelligence report using a personal data provider errors on refresh with the error “Invalid setting in Excel key of the Engines section of the Windows Registry. (3433)”

Error Message


In 64-bit Windows 7, a registry entry is created that Business Objects Desktop Intelligence uses. It is this entry that can become ‘corrupted’ with entries that are over 3 characters long.

To locate the entry press F3 and type Jet into the search box using these search settings to narrow the list to review:


Review each one until you find an “Extensions” entry that has more than 4 characters in it:

In this case the “xlsx” is causing the problem. You can remove this entry so you are just left with:

The report then refreshes as normal.


BO XI Service Pack 6 Key New Features

BI Platform
Tomcat Web server – 5.5 replaced with 7.
Support for Windows Server 2012 (Standard & Datacenter editions)
IE10 support
Microsoft SQL Server 2012 support
Export report data to CSV – Each report tab will create a CSV file
Export to Excel 2007 (.xlsx format)
Report Conversion Tool
It can now convert Deski instances. Non Deski instances (Excel, PDF etc) can also be published using the tool. This allows the report history to be maintained when converting to Webi.

There are also a number of issues resolved which can be found in the “Known and Fixed Issues” document found at: http://help.sap.com/boe31sp6

Edit System Name List in BO XI 3.1

The files listed in the folder below are the systems that are listed in the drop down box on the login screen for Desktop Intelligence, Designer, Web Intelligence Rich Client & Universe Builder.

Location of folder (Win 7):
C:\Users\<your user name>\Documents\My Business Objects Documents\LocData
.EXTRANET files are J2EE portal connections
.INTRANET files are connections utilising local DBMS drivers

Suppress “Are you sure you want to navigate away from this page?” message box

When leaving a report in Infoview by clicking “Log Out” or “My Documents” the following message box can appear:
BO XI Message

If you wish to suppress the following prompt box the following security rights need to be denied:
Add objects to the folder
Add objects to the folder that the user owns
Copy objects to folder
Copy objects to the folder that the user owns
Edit objects
Edit objects that the user owns

The access level should be applied to the folder.