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Creating a 4.1 Webi doc from a personal file

Webi in a web browser:

  • In order to create a Webi report from an Excel file you need to be using the Java report builder, it is not available through the HTML report builder
  • The Excel file needs to be uploaded into BI4 before it can be selected – Webi can’t see your local drives or network shares
  • An Excel file uploaded into BI4 needs to be manually updated, you can’t select an Excel report instance yet

Using Webi Rich client:

  • You can select local or BI4 Excel files. It’s a pain selecting a spreadsheet from network shares as they dont appear in the  ‘Open a document’ window – need to type in full location and name e.g. \\server1\folder1\excel_doc.xlsx
  • Best to upload spreadsheet into BI4, then use ‘Replace File’ when you want to update the data in it
  • You can have both versions of the Webi Rich client (XI3.1 & BI4) installed on a PC without issue
  • You can also create a report from a text or CSV file using Rich client – avoid this and standardise on Excel as you have more options

BI4 Increase Time Outs

1 .BI Launchpad

Default session time out = 20 minutes.

Change session setting in web.xml file
Go to \SAP BusinessObjects\tomcat\webapps\BOE\WEB-INF
Open web.xml file and search for the following:<session-timeout>20</session-timeout>
Change the number to the number of minutes you require for BI Launchpad.

2. WebIntelligence
Default connection time out = 20 minutes.

Change ‘Idle Connection Timeout’ on all WebIntelligence Processing Servers to required value.
Note: The higher the value the longer connections will remain idle.

3. APS Specific Time Outs

Set these all to be the same as your Webi time out to reduce errors.

Web Intelligence Monitoring Service

Default Monitored Resource Cleanup Timeout (in seconds)

DSL Bridge Service

DSLBridge Engine Cleanup Timeout (in seconds)

Visualization Service

Visualization Engine Cleanup Timeout (in seconds)


Restart Tomcat & SIA services

Once ‘Idle Connection Timeout’ has been reached, a WebIntelligence user will see this error: