Creating a 4.1 Webi doc from a personal file

Webi in a web browser:

  • In order to create a Webi report from an Excel file you need to be using the Java report builder, it is not available through the HTML report builder
  • The Excel file needs to be uploaded into BI4 before it can be selected – Webi can’t see your local drives or network shares
  • An Excel file uploaded into BI4 needs to be manually updated, you can’t select an Excel report instance yet

Using Webi Rich client:

  • You can select local or BI4 Excel files. It’s a pain selecting a spreadsheet from network shares as they dont appear in the  ‘Open a document’ window – need to type in full location and name e.g. \\server1\folder1\excel_doc.xlsx
  • Best to upload spreadsheet into BI4, then use ‘Replace File’ when you want to update the data in it
  • You can have both versions of the Webi Rich client (XI3.1 & BI4) installed on a PC without issue
  • You can also create a report from a text or CSV file using Rich client – avoid this and standardise on Excel as you have more options

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