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SAP Website BO Support Info

For Fixpacks available today follow following path:
-> Software Downloads
-> Support Packages and patches
-> Browse our Download Catalog
-> SAP BusinessObjects portfolio
-> Comprised Software Component Versions

There under information you can find a link to the release notes.

For future fix pack Schedule:
-> Software Downloads
-> Additional Download Info
-> SAP Support Package Stacks
-> SAP BusinessObjects maintenance schedule

*Correct as of August 2012


Change default text on Infoview Login Page

To alter the Infoview login page, browse to:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Business Objects\Tomcat55\webapps\PlatformServices\jsp\Shared_Logon

Edit logon.jsp

The logon page text seems to be the logon.firstinstruction and logon.secondinstruction values in these resource properties files.

C:\Program Files\Business Objects\BusinessObjects Enterprise 12.0\warfiles\WebApps\PlatformServices\WEB-INF\src\com\businessobjects\clientaction\shared\

C:\Program Files\Business Objects\Tomcat55\webapps\PlatformServices\WEB-INF\src\com\businessobjects\clientaction\shared\

Error during SQL execution: (DA0003) CS, Job already in use.

Problem: If a user invokes Deski through InfoView or logs onto a J2EE Portal (three tier) system a Deski report will timeout after 30 secs with the error: Error during SQL execution: (DA0003) CS, Job already in use. The same report run through a two tier system refreshes successfully.

Resolution: Ensure users understand they should not to select J2EE portal systems.

Existing J2EE systems can be deleted from My Documents\My Business Objects Documents\LocData. Delete the .extranet files.

IE registry edit suggested by SAP note 1205509.

(We had also denied the right “Edit Objects” in the Desktop Intelligence Report section so  users could not invoke a J2EE session, however this caused problems with scheduling so the deny right was removed.)

SaveDocumentAs failed

Problem: When a user schedules a Deski report to run to their BO Inbox, the schedule fails with the error: SaveDocumentAs failed (80043768)

Resolution: We had denied the right “Edit Objects” in the Desktop Intelligence Report section as we did not want users invoking the J2EE portal systems because of a separate problem. It appears to refresh and save a Deski report you require edit permissions.